How Membership Works


There are two types of members in Beta Alpha Psi, Candidate (Student) Members and Full Members. Students who first join Beta Alpha Psi will be Candidate Members, and then will have opportunities to become a Full Member as they progress throughout their degree.

Candidate membership applications are open at the start of each semester, and are open to accounting, finance, and information systems students in their second year or above. In order to get in, you'll need a GPA of at least 6.0 (B+). Additionally, you must meet the following requirements:

  • If you study accounting, at least a B+ in both ACCTG 101 and ACCTG 102,

  • If you study finance, at least a B+ in both ACCTG 101 and MATHS 108,

  • If you study information systems, at least a B+ in both ACCTG 101 and INFOSYS 110.

To apply, simply email your unofficial academic transcript to before 5pm on Friday of Week 2.

Once accepted, you will need to pay the one off membership payment of $110.00 to the BAP Bank Account. You will be provided with these details once your application is accepted.

Full membership is acquired by continuing on with getting great grades (maintaining a B+ average) and attending at least 6 professional events and 2 service events within three semesters (Candidate Period). You will also need to attend our Initiation Ceremony at the end of the semester.

More information on membership can be found here.